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Iberdrola Generación España, S.A.

Iberdrola Generación España, S.A., Sociedad Unipersonal is a head of business company of the Iberdrola Group with domicile in Spain that carries out the deregulated activities of electricity generation and electric power and natural gas retailing. As a result, its purpose is to carry out all kinds of activities, construction work and services related to the electric power production business, the supply of fuel and primary energy or materials of all kinds, the marketing and purchase and sale of energy products and raw materials on the relevant markets, the provision of energy services in general and the promotion, creation and development of industrial, commercial and service companies, as well as the promotion of innovation and technological development in connection with any of the activities included in its corporate purpose or related to it.

The activities listed may be performed by Iberdrola Generación España, S.A. basically in Spain, either directly, wholly or in part, or via ownership of shares, members’ funds, units or equivalent interests in other companies or entities.

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